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We know Internet Marketing is designed to increase a website's visibility in search engine results.

Keep the focus on one thing: helping others. You only get out whatever you put in; so put in tons of value (in the form of helping others) and you’ll get it back exponentially in return.

Need help designing your content marketing strategy ask Ron Abboud 

Google is growing steadily sharper over time, content strategies that have produced excellent SEO results for a time are beginning to falter.

So the question is, how can you develop a content strategy that will stand the test of time, while winning approval from users as well as Google?

Here’s how to build strong content strategies that will stand the test of time and yield amazing results.

When your ultimate focus is on producing and/or delivering quality to the user. This will always yield better results and not succumb to one of Google’s future algorithm updates.

Content Strategy: To do it right, you have to think about what a user wants (or expects, or needs) when he or she arrives on your website through search. Two things are clear: people do read and convert better with long-form high-content and Google loves it (if it’s really valuable, smart, and high quality). Provide as much value as you can, and people will more naturally want to buy. User intent plays a vital role in how your onsite strategy works.

Ask Ron Abboud For help designing your content marketing strategy

Offsite Content Strategy: Build Strong Relationships, building Natural Links & Authority. Identify key players and begin Link-building (in its proper form) has really become an Internet term for relationship building. Find an online publication that will allow you to publish articles about your on-point topic of interest then incorporate a backing from your article to your website.

Ask Ron Abboud How to Build a User-focused Content Strategy.

Have You considered Incorporating Video Marketitng Into Your Business:

This is what we do, every day and here are the benefits:

List Are Some Of The Benefits…

Page One Ranking, Inbound Leads, Online Presence, Online Sales, Product Exposure, Name Branding.

Our process begins by defining the daily operation and making it more efficient, how can we automate a system. For example if you have a list of FAQ that are always being asked. Just Imagine  clicking a button and a video popped up answering the specific question. Does this make any sense?

Or Sending out a link to a customer with a how to video that explains the process and provides an answer to a question asked.

Make your day to day operation simpler with video marketing solutions. For Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing Solutions By Ron Abboud

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